From paper to reality planning a wedding is a hard process. If you work or don't have a lot of free time it can be even harder to plan a wedding that you'll love in the end. We understand!
We would love to provide you with a space to brainstorm, relax and get those creative juices flowing while you get expert advice on how to do it all! 

What do you do first? Where? When? Who? All those things to do can be so overwhelming. You need a plan and an expert! It's alright girl- grab your besties, a bottle of your favorite champagne & swing by Venue619 where we will provide you one on one advice with a wedding planner who will also offer money saving advice and share with you all the upcoming trends. We have numerous vendor discounts we can pass straight onto you that you won't get anywhere else!
While you & your girls are here you will enjoy light refreshments and leave with a wedding planner to keep you organized right up to "I DO." Once you have had your Blitz  our wedding planner is always available for free advice to you as well.
Don't have a clue? Or are you full of ideas? Either way we can guide you through it all!  You can come with a blank pallet or notebook of ideas & leave with the power to conquer the world! (not entirely) You will know how to plan the reception and ceremony  that your friends will eventually all talk about!  

Invite up to 10 ladies
$450 for 3 hours of Wedding Pow!
Contact us for an appointment now!  
*Unbelievable vendor discounts !